Saturday, January 26, 2008

posted by: internationalpfa 62. For the tranport of equines by goods-vehicles, the following precautions shall be taken, namely :

(a) Specially fitted vehicles with a special type of tail-board and padding around the sides shall be used ;

(b) ordinary goods vehicles shall be provided with antislipping material on the floor and the super structure, if low, should be raised;

(c) bamboo poles of at least 8 cm diameter between each animal and two stout batons at the back shall be provided to prevent the animal from falling;

(d) to prevent horses from being frightened or injured their heads should face left away from the passing traffic;

(e) each vehicle shall not carry more than four to six equines;

(f) each vehicle shall be provided with one attendant;

(g) these vehicles shall be driven at a speed not more than 35 kilometers per hour;

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